Newsletter #3 – Introduction

Dear readers,

For this new edition of the newsletter on Donkosira’s activities, we are spotlighting the work that Aline Desdevises has devoted to the Watigueleya Kèlê project: in her dissertation focusing on the health theme, which she has summarised for us, she documents the work of the Donkosira association, the contribution of village knowledge in the fight against climate change and the great wealth of the co-production of knowledge in partnership with the village relays.

The socio-economic survey was completed in the village of Damaro, in Guinea, in order to list the practices of the fight against climate change, according to the households, at the quantitative level. It complements the large-scale survey that our programme has been conducting in the sub-region since February 2021.

You will also find the usual posts from villagers, which are the core of our activity. In Guinea, Senegal and Mali, the villages propose mini-reports on the fight against deforestation, the arts and gestures of conservation of local knowledge such as pottery, or even crop adaptations – following the example of fonio, which is becoming widespread in the region to facilitate the agricultural calendar in the context of decreasing rainfall.

Finally, the Donkosira application is now available! Download it now!

Enjoy your reading,

by Elara Bertho and Marie Rodet


  • Elara Bertho

    Elara Bertho est chargée de recherches au CNRS au sein du laboratoire LAM (Les Afriques dans le Monde, UMR 5115 CNRS-Sciences Po Bordeaux).

  • Marie Rodet

    Mes principaux intérêts de recherche se situent dans le domaine de l’histoire moderne du genre et des migrations en Afrique de l’Ouest francophone.

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