Elara Bertho


Collective village repertoires: the challenges of a collective digitisation in Damaro, Guinea

By Elara Bertho (LAM, Sciences Po Bordeaux), Co-investigator in SOAS research project: Watigueleya Kèlê, Equitable Climate Resilience in West Africa: A Comparative Research Action Programme (Mali, Guinea and Senegal) In a reflection on the notion of a collective village repertoire and its digitisation, I return to the research-action programme carried out with the Malian association Donkosira, which since 2017 has

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Newsletter #3 – Introduction

Dear readers, For this new edition of the newsletter on Donkosira’s activities, we are spotlighting the work that Aline Desdevises has devoted to the Watigueleya Kèlê project: in her dissertation focusing on the health theme, which she has summarised for us, she documents the work of the Donkosira association, the contribution of village knowledge in the fight against climate change

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“Publication of “Essay on Local History by Djiguiba Camara”: disseminating the written history of Guinea from Damaro” – May 2020

Djiguiba Camara, interpreter and chief of the village of Damaro during the colonial period, wrote the history of the region, the empire of Samori Touré and the colonial wars. This important 110-page manuscript is now published by Brill and available free of charge. The text, which is very composite, includes genealogies, foundation myths, the history of relations between the Camara,

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