The theatre tour about climate change in the Kayes region, November 2022

From 31 October to 4 November 2022, the Donkosira team and four villages in the Kayes region participating in the Watigueleya Kèlê project (Monzona, Bouillagui, Bougarila and Banzana) organised a theatre tour on climate change in Mali. The objective of the tour was to raise awareness and discuss the impacts of climate change with villagers through sketches prepared at the Damaro workshop (February 2022), debates, songs and dances.
The tour started on 1 November in the village of Monzona. The Donkosira team, after greeting the village chief and the imam, had an initial briefing and rehearsal with the delegates. Then the evening started with a welcome from the village chief, the imam, and Donkosira’s greetings to the villagers. This was followed by music, dance and the prepared sketch scenes. The audience reacted enthusiastically and asked many questions which the Donkosira team was able to answer. The evenings followed the same pattern in the villages of Bougarila and Banzana. The next day, in Bouillagui, a training session on the technique of the improved stoves was offered by Wally Traoré and Djangou Diakité.

For each village, the pair chose a theme for a sketch related to climate change. Boubakar Diakité and Mariam Coulibaly (Monzona) presented a scene on the problem of bush fires and the lack of wood. Gaoussou Coulibaly and Niellé Diarra (Bougarila) did a sketch on the problem of water supply and the lack of drinking water. Adama Konaté and Malado Sidibé (Banzana) performed a scene on the theme of wood cutting. Wally Traoré and Djangou Diakité (Bouillagui) chose the theme of transhumance.

These sketch-debate evenings with the villagers also made it possible to point out the difficulties that these villages face, such as desertification in Monzona, the difficulties of access to the villages due to the poor road infrastructure in Bougarila and Bouillagui, the problem of access to drinking water in Banzana, and the need for a market garden in Monzona and Banzana.

The theatre tour on climate change was a real success! There was a rich exchange with the audience and the delegates were honoured in their respective villages. Thanks to this event, the delegates were able to show their families the activities they carry out within the framework of the Watigueleya Kèlê project, and each delegate was able to meet the other’s village and family. It was also a very pleasant moment for the Donkosira team!

Well done to the Watigueleya Kèlê delegates who brought the theme of climate change to the stage!


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