“The infertility of the soil and the cultivation of cotton and millet”, Missirah Tabadiang (Senegal) – April 2021

“Salamalaïkum, Mamadou Djikiné Missira Tabadjan, relay Donkosira. This is our cotton field, which has been here since the first rain. The cotton plants do not grow beyond this size, this is the limit because of the infertility of the soil. As I just explained to you, with this kind of crop when you don’t have a fertile soil, without using fertiliser, you can’t earn anything. So because of the infertility of the soil you don’t earn enough: the cotton plants don’t grow any bigger than this. There is another one in front of it, these are millet fields, these are also not bigger than this size. When you use fertilisers, you can earn, but without fertilisers, you don’t earn enough, that’s it!”



  • Mamadou Djikiné

    Je m’appelle Mamadou Djikiné agriculteur de profession et imam de mon village Boulacounda qui se trouve dans la région de Tambacounda à l’est du Sénégal.

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