“Off-season onion farming in the women’s garden in Bouillagui” by Djankou Diakité (Mali) – April 2021

The off-season onion farming in the women’s garden in Bouillagui has been partly financed by the Donkosira project and its partners for more than two years. 

The women’s association that cultivates this garden consists of about 80 to 90 women and girls. In July, they start to prepare onion seedlings and after a month, these are divided into beds in the garden. Each woman is allowed to water two beds. One part of the onions is for the woman who takes care of the bed and the other is sold for the benefit of the cooperative.

These onions are grown without chemical fertilisers. Only manure is added, and also groundnut shells crushed into small pieces. 

Since the creation of this garden, we, the women of Bouillagui and our daughters, have remained stable, without having to go to the neighbouring villages to work. It has helped us to take care of ourselves and to face some challenges in Bouillagui.

Bamako on 6 May 2021

Report by Djankou Diakité 

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