By Aguibou Sow

Mandiou Camara speaks: “Here, the parents, the great-grandparents all found the baobab tree already big. They used to test their bows on the baobab. During the dry season, you can even see the cuts of the spears and arrows in the bark of the tree. This tree is very old, Fama, Fakassia, Fadiaraken: none of these ancestors saw this tree small, they found it already big. They came to draw a small circle, and we would throw to test the spears and see who could fit into the circle, to select the best thrower. We also tested if the spear was good and could penetrate the bark.  
I advise you young people to preserve this tree, not to allow anyone to harm this tree. No love of money should distract you from cutting this tree.  
Laye Foumba, a young man, came to test whether this tree selected legitimate children or not (punishing children out of wedlock). He didn’t believe it: the bees chased him for three kilometres to Gbatimamaidou. 


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