Introduction of Safiatou Diallo and the ICRD, January 2022

Safiatou Diallo is a teacher-researcher at the UGLC/S in Conakry. She holds a

PHD in African history from the University of Paris Diderot, a master’s degree in history from Conakry, and a master’s degree in educational sciences from the University of Rouen.  Her current research focuses on the health system from various angles, including the link between health and climate change in Guinea. She is the author of several journal publications and a book based on her dissertation “Health policies in Guinea, from colonization to the beginning of the 21st century”. She participates in the WATIGUELEYA KELE project as a consultant for the Centre International de Recherche et Documentation (CIRD).

CIRD is a research institution accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Guinea. Its objective is to promote innovation, contribute to scientific research and foster inclusive and sustainable development. Since launching its activities in 2017, CIRD has carried out important activities and worked with several international development partners including the GIZ, AFD and AUF.

The work of Safiatou Diallo and CIRD in the framework of the WATIGUELEYA KELE project consists of collecting data (audio-visual) and writing scientific articles on climate change and local resilience practices, medicinal plants, mining, and stories related to caves and pools in the Damaro region. The aim is to refocus the thinking and practice of climate change resilience on local actors and communities themselves, and to strengthen efforts to achieve more equitable sustainable development.


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