Newsletter #5 – Introduction

This spring newsletter is largely dominated by the activities of the last workshop that took place in Damaro (Guinea), from 28 February to 3 March 2022. All the village communication relays were able to gather again, discuss their latest reports and above all take part in a theatre workshop led by the Malian theatre specialist Aboubacar Diarra. Statistical reports of the socio-economic survey were given to the village communication relays, who in turn presented them to the authorities of their respective villages. A solemn presentation of the book on the history of Djiguiba Camara was given at Damaro, as well as at the University of Sonfonia in Conakry, a few days later, in the presence of the family’s descendants, including El Hadj Daouda Damaro Camara.

The latest reports from the village relays on the resilience of the various cross-border villages partnered in the project are also included.

Enjoy your reading!


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