“The village of Ethiouar, place of traditional initiation celebrations”, Bandafassi (Senegal) – May 2021

Hello and welcome to the village of Ethiouar, where we are today to make a presentation. Ethiouar is a historical Bedik village, (Bedik from Bandafassi). In this village, we have constructions made of clay, and also straw and bamboo. And also, we have temporary shelters. We have temporary shelters, as you can see here with me, which will be used to welcome people, foreigners who come during the festivals. People come here most of the time during the big festivals. Here, we have a water shortage, which is why the majority of the villagers have moved downstairs to have a better life. So we record one family staying here, otherwise they have gone down. We have seven festivities, everyone comes back to the village here to have these festivities which will last between three days and a week, a week maximum. We actually have the seven houses that are there, the Bëkhel, the Bafundou, the Maniampayé, the Mabangou, the Baconé, the Bëssap and the Bégoung. So these are the different families that are here, you will have the opportunity to discover. Here we have the public square which is made up of two huts, the small hut and the large hut. The large hut was built five years after the small one.



  • Jacques Camara

    Je m’appelle Jacques Camara je suis Bedik et agent de développement communautaire à Bandafassi, mon village est considéré comme la porte d’entrée du pays Bassari, se trouvant au Sénégal dans la région de Kédougou, à 15 km de la capitale régionale.

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