Once upon a time there was a monkey and a crocodile who were great friends. They grew up together, they had everything in common.  

When they reached maturity, the crocodile returned to the water and the monkey stayed on dry land. One day, because of the poverty in the village, the monkey decided to cross the river to look for food for his young. There he met his friend the crocodile on the riverbank. The crocodile said, “Oh my friend, where are you going? He replied, “I am going to the other side of the river to get food for my children. The crocodile said to him, “Get on my back, I’ll take you across.  

In the middle of the river, the crocodile began to cry. And the monkey asked him: “My friend, why are you crying? The crocodile answered: “I have a serious problem. My wife is ill, and I am told that it takes the heart of a monkey to heal. The monkey said softly: “Is that why you are crying? If you had told me, I would have brought you the heart of one of my children. Our friendship is bigger than that, isn’t it? Let’s go, let’s cross, I’ll bring you the heart you want and your wife will get better. The crocodile was very happy and made the monkey cross.  

Once on the tree, the monkey said to him: “You had my heart, you didn’t take it. Your wife will die because you will no longer have the heart of a monkey. Since then, the crocodile and the monkey are no longer friends. This is where my story ends.


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