Qualitative research training as part of the Watigueleya Kêlè project (May 2023)

As a continuation of the quantitative surveys conducted by the Watigueleya Kêlè project, a qualitative research training was organised in Conakry (Guinea) between 2-6 May 2023. About fifteen participants were gathered at the premises of the CIRD, including four investigators for Mali, two for Senegal and four for Guinea, the project director Dr Marie Rodet and the instructor Dr Marie-Christine Deleigne.

The training began with a reminder of the characteristics of qualitative research. If quantitative research draws on a large sample and measures the statistical frequency of events and actions, qualitative research seeks to understand and explain the meaning of the phenomena studied, often with a smaller number of people. Interviews and observations are the main methods used in qualitative research.

Participants learned how to build an interview grid and conduct a semi-directional interview, leaving room for the interviewee to speak, and to make observations relevant for the research. Marie-Chrisine Deleigne provided them with much practical advice. Participants also familiarised themselves with the material used to record and safeguard the collected data.


After the training, the investigators went into the field to collect qualitative data that will complement the previous surveys. They will provide more in-depth information on the impact of climate change-related hazards in Senegal, Guinea and Mali, and learn more about the actions taken by local populations to adapt.


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