El Hadj Fantamady Damaro Camara, president of Damaro’s Fakassia union.    

“It is the association of the children of Damaro, of all the nationals, friends and allies, those from outside and inside. Within the association, every year, all the sons of Damaro meet in a general assembly to present projects and programmes for the development of Damaro.    

The union does many things, but as far as the preservation of nature is concerned, every year during the summer camp, the first thing we have to do is to reforest the arteries and sites. If you have noticed, along our football field, there has been a reforestation. Now we have a big site. Every year we reforest. This year, the village took the initiative to reforest 8 hectares. This reforestation has been very successful, which allows us to keep the coolness and a good climate.    

With the people from the mining company who have come to work on the mountain, the Chinese, we have taken parameters. There are reserved areas that must be reforested. The whole strip on the mountain range must be reforested next winter.    

The main problem, our subject this year, was how to preserve the sources of the rivers. We have three big streams in the mountain. This year, we planned how to reforest along these streams. With regard to our colleagues who exploit the mountain, they have promised to provide us with water wells. But this is not enough. Because if the water that originates in the mountain is polluted, from Damaro to the river, all those who live in the area will have no water. They have already started to allocate boreholes in the interior of our region and in Damaro centre they are looking at how to increase the number of boreholes.” 


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