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Usawa game launched in Nairobi (September 2023)

After a year’s work by the artistic and technical teams of the ‘Gaming against slavery’ project, split between Mali, Senegal, Kenya, the UK and France, a first version of the game was launched in Nairobi on 30 September 2023! The launch took place at the Game Centre in Nairobi, and was attended by around thirty people (developers, artists, bloggers, etc.).

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Presenting the Djonya Kêlè project (Games against slavery) at the Games for Change conference in New York, 17-20 July 2023

From 17 to 20 July 2023, Dr Marie Rodet (project director), Max Musau (CEO of Jiwe Studios) and Aline Desdevises (project coordinator) attended and presented the Djonya Kêlè Ja Toulon project at the Games for Change 2023 conference in New York. This conference focused on the positive impact that video games can have in the world, and how to foster

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