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“Gaming Against Slavery” : the Djonya Kêlè Game Jams

Last December 2022, Marie Rodet with partners Donkosira (Mali) and Jiwe Studios (Kenya) organised a game jam in Bamako (Mali) with young villager participants in the project Djonya Kêlè Ja Toulon to design video game concepts to raise awareness on the issue of descent-based slavery and give people the tools and inspiration to fight it. These concepts were based on the oral history work about descent-based

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The Bamako Game Jam, 19-22 December 2022

The Bamako Game Jam, 19-22 December 2022 The twenty villagers participating in the Djonya Kêlè Ja Toulon project met from 19 to 22 December in Bamako for the final workshop, a Game Jam organised in partnership with Jiwe Studios (Kenya). Jiwe accompanied them to deepen their knowledge of video games in order to design a game about descent-based slavery. Various

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