“Organising collectively in Bougarila, Mali”, November 2021

In Bougarila, villagers organise themselves collectively to compensate for the effects of climate change and improve harvest results.

First of all, the villagers cultivate one of the village fields together. 

But they also help each other on private plots, from preparatory work to harvesting! The young people of the village prepare the land together to make it a market garden. The youth association takes turns cultivating the field of one of their members, and even a field of the in-laws of one of their members.



  • Gaoussou Coulibaly

    Je m’appelle Gaoussou Coulibaly, je viens de Bouguarila à 16 kilomètres de Kayes. Je suis délégué villageois de Bouguarila pour le projet « Watigueleya kélê ».

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