Mini-dam in Bouillagui, November 2021

In the village of Bouillagui, a year ago, the inhabitants were trying to find solutions to the flooding that destroyed their habitat, caused by the rains. 

They had the idea of building mini-dams, which did not work. 

Thanks to various trips made by a village delegate, Wally Traoré (as part of the documentary on the project to other villages) was able to see ideas for dams elsewhere, where the inhabitants use large stones to create a mini-dam.

This technique has helped the village of Bouillagui to build dams that work very well, and the marigots are beginning to take these new paths.

By Waly Traoré


  • Waly Traoré

    Je m’appelle Waly Traoré, je suis née le 4 octobre 1977. Je viens du village de Bouillagui dans la région de Kayes (Mali), commune rurale de Guidimakha Kerrikaffo. Je suis enseignant généraliste, j’enseigne la cinquième année à l’école fondamentale de Bouillagui.

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