Once upon a time, a turtle and a hippopotamus were great friends. 

They decided to live together in perfect friendship. They lived together for many years and their friendship was legendary until the day the drought came to the village. Because of the drought, the rivers and wells dried up and the village had a water problem. So in the search for water, all the animals wandered around looking for a stream.  

That’s when the turtle fell into a well. It found water but could not get out after drinking. So he asked the hippopotamus for help. The hippopotamus in turn asked the turtle to give him some water in exchange. The turtle refused to give him the water and the hippo also refused to take the turtle out of the well.  

The drought continued and the hippo decided to throw his children into the well to save them. After the hippo children drank, the turtle prevented them from coming up. She wanted to be out first.  

The hippo went to ask the hyena for support. The hyena pleaded for the children. So the turtle agreed to let the children out of the well with herself. But the children still asked their mother to go back to the water because they felt that it was the best environment to live in after all. That is why the hippo and her children still live near the water.  

This is where my story ends.  


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