In Bouillagui the blacksmiths are facing serious problems with charcoal, due to the lack of wood in the forest caused by global warming.

The tree they use for forging is different from the others. It is called “djebee” in Soninke. It is a big tree that gives a slightly reddish wood.

They have to go to Kayes to buy coal. To avoid these extra costs, some are forced to move to the Mauritanian border to cut more trees – despite the ban on cutting wood by the water and forestry officers.


  • Association Donkosira
  • Diangou Diakité

    Je m’appelle Diangou Diakité, je viens de Bouillagui (Mali). J’ai 23 ans. J’ai cinq enfants. Je suis conseillère municipale à la mairie de Guidimakha Kerrikaffo. Je fais partie de l’association des femmes de l’ADEMA-PASJ (Alliance pour la démocratie au Mali – Partie africain pour la solidarité et la justice) pour plaider la cause des femmes au sein de la commune.

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