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Renouveau TV covers the advocacy workshop organised by the Watigueleya Kélê team in Kayes (reports in French and in Bamanan language)

Here is the report produced by Renouveau TV on the first advocacy workshop for the Mali team in Kayes held from 13 to 17 December with Illia Djadi. Report in French  Report in Bamanan 


“First results of the socio-economic survey” (Guinea, Mali, Senegal), May 2021

As part of the Watigueleya Kèlê action-research programme, a socio-economic survey was carried out from 1 February to 17 March 2021 in the 10 villages participating in the project. In total, 864 households were surveyed (representing a population of 10,480 people). Among them, 974 people aged 18 and over (477 men and 497 women, selected by random draw) were interviewed

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