Threshing groundnuts in the field is done in several phases.  
In the first stage, small sticks are used to beat the large piles of groundnuts into small crumbs.  
Secondly, the women take the groundnuts and mix them with hay. Then the groundnut is separated from the hay by sweeping it up.  


When the wind blows strongly, the groundnut is beaten so that the women can winnow it against the wind, so the good groundnuts are separated from the bad.
Finally, when everything is ready, we put it all in the 100kg sava and from that moment on we gather the groundnut seeds for the next season. The rest of the groundnuts are ground into powder that is made into traditional soaps, but this year the groundnut production has not been sufficient. This is due to the lack of rain.
Par Djangou Diakité






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