The practice of tree nurseries has been an experience for us.

Before, we used to go to Kayes to pay the nurseryman 1,000 or 1,500 CFA francs. In view of this situation, one day I took a decision with some of the villagers of Bouillagui: we collected rubber milk cans to put sand in them and we sowed some fruit trees, namely mango, guava, pomegranate, mahogany, etc. 

This is a form of resilience against the effects of global warming, and for reforestation. Some are building nurseries of different kinds of fruit trees. In Bouillagui, the inhabitants do not know some of the fruit trees, but in 2 or 3 years, this will be an adequate solution.



  • Waly Traoré

    Je m’appelle Waly Traoré, je suis née le 4 octobre 1977. Je viens du village de Bouillagui dans la région de Kayes (Mali), commune rurale de Guidimakha Kerrikaffo. Je suis enseignant généraliste, j’enseigne la cinquième année à l’école fondamentale de Bouillagui.

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